A Christmas Carol

Kidoons Christmas Special!

Fir Tree

The fairy tale story of the littlest fir tree

-Paddy the Beaver in "12 Days of Christmas!"

Paddy the Beaver sings the Animazia version of "12 Days of Christmas"

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My true love gave to me

12 Muskrats Musking

11 Dogs-a-Barking

10 Frogs-a-Leaping

9 Squirrels Dancing

8 Woodchucks Chucking

7 Ducks-a-Swinging

6 Mice-a-Playing

5 Raccoon Rings!

4 Cawing Birds

3 Best Friends

2 Dirty Skunks

And a bite of delicious tree!

For a Paddy The Beaver, that's me!

Merry Christmas from Paddy the Beaver and all his animal friends in the world of Animazia!